Best Types Of Waterproof Trousers For Your Outdoor Needs

Best Waterproof Trousers

Waterproof Trousers or over trousers are used to keep legs and regular trousers dry when we are out in the rain. These are a must have especially during wet season. Combined with waterproof jackets, waterproof trousers provide complete protection from rain. Virtually everyone has one or two over trousers in their collection as emergency equipment to cope with sudden hostile weather conditions. You might well be considering to get a new pair of waterproof trousers as the older ones may have got worn out. Before you go to get a new pair of waterproof trousers, it is important to get a fair idea on the waterproof capabilities and the conditions you are likely to encounter before you get the trousers. This article will guide you through the aspects to consider to choose the best waterproof trousers available and we will have a look at the best trousers out there for year round use.


Best Waterproof Trousers


Factors To Consider To Select The Best Waterproof Trousers:


Waterproof Ratings:

A hydrostatic head test is conducted to determine the water proofness of a garment. In the test, water is poured through a tall cylinder on the garment. The hydrostatic rating is determined by the level at which water begins to penetrate the fabric over a period of 24 hours. To be classified as waterproof, trousers need to have a hydrostatic head rating of at least 1,500mm. So, before you choose one, be sure about the waterproof rating.

Breathable Ratings:

Waterproof trousers  also need to be breathable to stay dry and comfortable. Breathable fabric is permeable to tiny water vapor molecules that allow perspiration to escape. Breathable ratings range from 1,500g to 5,000g, a measurement that relates to how much vapor can pass through the fabric in a 24-hour period.

Adjustable Waist:

This feature is important for a comfortable fit. It might feel awkward if the trouser gets too fitted around the waist area. So, it is important to have flexibility in the waist area to adjust when needed.Best Waterproof Trousers


Mesh Lining

It allows air to circulate, giving extra ventilation to help keep you cool and comfortable.

Half leg side zip and poppers

These allow you to pull the trousers over your feet without needing to take off your shoes.

If you consider these factors and take your purchased decision based on the outlined factors, then you should be on the right track to purchase the right kind of waterproof trousers to serve you to the fullest.


Best Waterproof Trousers 


Best Waterproof Trousers For Year Round Use:


You probably do not want to go to shopping  frequently to purchase waterproof trousers.So, chances are high that you will want the over trousers you purchase to last for a longer period, at least a year. So, trying out the durable ones should be the way to go forward. Let’s have a look at some of the most durable types of over trousers.

For year round use, 3-layer fabric: either 3-layer Event, 3-layer Gore-Tex Proshell or 3 layerGore-tex Performance Shell can be your go-to option. Gore-Tex Paclite is a 2.5-layer fabric which gives you a feeling that the fabric is leaking but it is actuallyjust condensation.

Gore-tex Paclite is much lighter and more packable compared to 3-layer fabrics.Hence it is still popular because it is ideal for travelling light and fast or for taking as a backup option. However, for year round use, you will need something that hides as much condensation as possible. So, a 3-layer fabric will be a better alternative.

In terms of quality, difference between 3-layer Event and 3-Layer Gore-texProshell or Performance Shell is hardly noticeable. So, a pant made in any of these fabrics should do as long as it maintains the quality. Gore-Tex Performance Shell is not as much breathable as Gore-tex Proshell butat the end of the day, the difference is almost negligible.

Before you decide on which models to choose,make sure to try all your preferred options as the seemingly suitable model may not fit well for you. We all have distinct bum sizes, thigh sizes, leg lengths. Imagine a rugby player‘s legs to those of a long distance runner for example. Then you can visualize the problems!!

The Mountain Equipment Firelite is a Gore-tex Paclite pant. If the models mentioned above is not your best fit, unless you want low weight and low packed size as your primary criteria, then it would be ideal. The Montane Venture Pants are made from 3-layer Event and out of 3-layer Event, 3-layer Gore-Tex Proshell or 3 layerGore-tex Performance Shell,these would be a better year round option if you do not prioritize packed size and weight.

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